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SGT Ramirez,RS. 1-71 CAV Email

 I just want to say thankyou very much for the care packages you and your friend's, family have sent to me and my soldiers. We appreciate it very much. The goods yah sent have been used and the leftovers were given to other soldiers to use.

                          Thank you and God Bless
                             SGT Ramirez, R.S.
                                  1-71 CAV
                               KAF /  Afghanistan

mary Email

I just wanted to write a note to Nick and all of his helpers that work so hard to help support our guys/gals who put thier lives on the line each and every day for our freedom.
You guys are such angels!
Will keep checking the site now, to see when the events are to help out!

jeff grohs Email

Hi i would like to thany eveyone for the packag i recieved from Copiague. I am from Selden and im glad there is support comming from the area i grew up. All the guys said thank you and appreciated all the things in the packages. Thank You again

                                               SGT Grohs, jeffrey
                                                      Iraq, COS Garry Owen

Capt Danielle Thomas 

To everyone at OnSight Support:

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation for the two boxes you sent out to my team in Bagram, Afghanistan. Knowing that there are folks at home supporting you goes a long way when the days get long. You will never truely know how much what you do means to people like me. Though I grew up in Amityville, it has been quite some time since I have been home for an extended period of time. It is very comforting to know that the friends, family and neighbors that I left some years ago still think of me and those that I work with. Again my most sincere thanks! Happy belated Veteran's Day and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Capt Danielle Thomas

Nicholas Kester 

 OnSight Support
               We at OnSight Support would like to express our appreciation to the crew of the Blackhawk Helicopter, 95-26650 Alpha Company 3-158th AVN REGT,
Combat Aviation Brigade. For presenting us with a certificate of appreciation and a U.S. FLAG which was flown during combat operations in Baghdad in support of the Global War on Terrorism during Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11
From All Of Us At OnSight Support
We Thank You, Stay Safe and God Bless.    



From: SSG Diazsoto, Isaias
  Subject: Care Packages
             Mr. and Mrs. Kester;
    My name is SSG Diaz, Isaias, member of the 455TH EN DET  from Amityville,  This is to inform you that we received the care packages that were send by our organization OnSight Support Family and Friends and to all that helped in the collection.
From the bottom of our heart, we want to express our thanks to you for your unconditional support and for all your prayers. I know back home everybody is proud of us and they know the sacrifices we are making, but people like you make  this experience the best possible. Once again our thanks for those that took their time to collect, prepare and sent the packages. We are proud of you and we recognize your effort.
 On behalf of the Soldiers of 455Th EN DET (CONC),
    SSG Diaz, Isaias M.
    55th En Det (Conc)

A Soldiers Road Hame  


       We received this e mail the other day.  It was sent to a very dear friend and Commander of the VFW Post in Copiague. He forwarded it to us to share with everyone that has helped in supporting our fine men and women serving.
       From all of us and to all that have helped in

Supporting our Troops
   Thank You !

  The  Road Home

       I am beginning my trip home.  I left Uganda and I am now in Djibouti waiting for my Flight Home... It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since I arrived, even longer since I got my mobilization orders.  I would like to say Thank You for sending me all the care packages as well as the funny inspirational and encouraging e mails. Even if I could not answer or even read so many of them due to the Internet deficiencies here.  I and all the guys here appreciated the packages.  It is always nice to receive reminders of home. It seems the local cuisine often was followed by a trip to the john, so the more substantial food in the packages were appreciated.  I will be in the U.S. next week. What comes next and when I will actually get home I don't know !
      But It Is So Good To Know The Trip Home Has Begun...
         Will see you all soon...
             Best Regards,


michael lagrassa Email


I would like to thank you for your support and many boxes that you have sent me while stationed in Iraq.All though most of my time i have been in remote parts in the north. whenever we come back to our main base I could always look forward to seeing a box from onsight support,from girl scout cookies to personal hygiene products. ever thing a soldier might need. Its people like you that give up your time to make up these boxes that lets us know that you are supporting us! so i want to thank you and my team thanks you SSG Michael Lagrassa 1320 civil affairs Team                                                     

Steven Ressler Email

I have just redeployed back to the States but before I left we received 10 large boxes from Onsight. I distributed them to several buildings. I also left a few in our Chaplains office.

Thank you so much for your support.
MAJ Steven Ressler
13th ESC
Balad, Iraq



Happy New Year and May God Bless.  May The New Year bring everyone Health and Happiness-and bring all the soldiers Hope.

SGT Bill (William) Krise Email

Hello, I was hoping ya'll might be able to link me up with Wendy Finiguerra. I am friends with her son Rob from Georgia and she said when I got here to give her a holler. Only problem is I ain't got her email address. If ya'll could pass mine along to her I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Cpl Kerley, Ryan P. Email

Hello Mr. & Mrs. Kester,

I personally would like to send my greatest thank and appreciation for your support.  I received 4 boxes from the OnSight Suppor Family and Friends!  When I opened the boxes I welcomed all my Marines to take what ever they needed as well, and they too would like to send their thanks and appreciation.  Thank you all very much for all that you do for every Marine, Sailor, Soldier, and Airmen. 


Cpl Kerley, Ryan P.
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